Helicopter Parenting

Air Assault School

Helicopter Parents get a Bad Rap.

Probably for good reason.  They're overbearing, overprotective - and often over the top with their behavior.  But more importantly, by constantly hovering over them they could be stunting the growth and development of their children, robbing them of important opportunities to deal with challenging situations, and build skills and grit that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

"I've always been a helicopter parent, but of a different kind. The Air Assault kind.  Because of my daughter's life training and mine, I trust her to deal with the situation on the ground - and she trusts me to manage the extraction if she shoots up a flare. That gives her the freedom to operate, take care of business, and grow as a person - and it helps me sleep a little easier."

Seminar Overview

The "Helicopter Parenting Air Assault School" is 2 hour online  workshop for parents, via Zoom.  It's lead by growth strategist, professional life coach and youth advocate John Starling in a guided discussion format. 

Participants will finish the seminar with new perspectives, tools, operating constructs, and a new level of trust in themselves as parents - and a new level of trust in their children to successfully navigate life. 

- John Starling,

Growth Strategist,

Professional Coach 

Youth Advocate

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