Professional Life Coaching

A goldfish's growth potential  is limited by the size of the bowl and the quality of the water in it.  But ours isn't.  That's a big difference between us and goldfish.  Well... So long as we are aware that we are both the fish and the bowl. 

And we can actually change the water.   

Everybody feels a little  stuck sometimes...  But we aren't.

I'm a breakthrough coach

It's important that you understand that I'm a breakthrough coach.  I work exclusively with people that are looking for a breakthrough in one of the areas below - and are ready to make it happen. 

Here's where I coach my clients to be their best...

Goal Setting & Achievement | Self-Leadership | Communication | Entrepreneurship | Money | Legacy | Parenting | Confidence Direction | Career | Love | Self-Esteem | Family Dynamics | Self-Awareness | Community Leadership 

And here's how I charge for my services

In order to make my professional life coaching services available to people from all walks of life and financial situations,

my rates are on a sliding scale, based on your net worth.

Your Net Worth.                                                My Rate

Ultra High Net Worth     30M+                     $595/hr.

 Very High Net Worth     5M-30M                 $395/hr.

 High Net Worth              1M-5M                   $295/hr.

 Affluent                          $100-1M                 $195/hr.

 Aspirational                   $0 - $100,000         $125/hr.


*Median U.S. household Net Worth is $97,300)

Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

It's on the honor system, and I trust you to honor that

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