Enterprise Value

Quantifying it.  Increasing it.  Protecting it.

How does a company understand and articulate its current market value to potential investors, acquir- ers, and even institutions that may want to take it public? How can latent value be discovered and in- creased by the company ownership, prior to selling the equity or assets of the company? And how can the reputation of the company (and the portion of the enterprise value that it represents) be protected throughout the entire growth and transaction continuum?

Ray Ghelardi, Business Valuation Center

Renowned business valuation expert Raymond Ghelardi built a remarkable career in the valuation industry and was chairman of one of the largest valuation companies in the U.S. when he and his partners sold it to an NYSE-listed public company. Over the course of his career, Ray has valued the assets of brands like Apple, Barnes and Noble, Deutsche Bank, W.L. Gore and Associates, and Sun Records, and notable individuals like Jacques Cousteau, Martha Stewart, and Grey Goose founder Sidney Frank.

Increasing It.

John Starling, Starling Growth Advisory

For more than twenty years, John has focused his creativity and business acumen on the personal, professional, organizational, and enterprise value growth of his clients. He has advised, coached, consulted, trained and facilitated for nearly 400 companies, from tech start-ups, to growth-focused SMBs like Mind Over Machines, Peabody Press, Unitec, and Bridges (recently acquired by Applied Insight)—to global companies like Microsoft, Amkor Technology, and Bank of America.

Protecting It.

Rob Weinhold, Fallston Group

Rob Weinhold is Chief Executive of Fallston Group, a global reputation agency, and the author
of The Art of Crisis Leadership. Rob has often been a featured expert on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, and many other regional, national, and international news outlets. As an executive that operates at the intersection of leadership, strategy, and communications, he has been employed by or situationally engaged by organizations including the United States Department of Justice, Cal Ripken, Jr., University of Maryland Medical System, Bayer, Baltimore Police Department, and many other industry leaders in the financial, insurance, educational, franchisor, restaurant and entertainment, and the nonprofit and manufacturing sectors. Rob also sits on the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School's Advisory Board.