Grinding for Growth?

Stop grinding and start growing your business - your way.

Graphic Designers.  Management Consultants.  Corporate Trainers.  Photographers.  Marketing Companies. Accountants. 

Life Coaches. Copywriters.  Lawyers. Web Designers. Programmers. Architects... and the list goes on.

Growing your business or professional services firm - your way.

Business and professional services firms are run by all kinds of people with a wide range of talents, and despite their differences they have something in common:  They all sell time for money - and only have 24 hours in each day to do it. 


So how to grow it?  And how to grow it in a way that's good for you, because "good growth" (growth in the areas that matter to you) doesn't look the same for everyone.

Who should attend:

Whether you have a 1 person practice, a boutique firm or a small business of industry pros (under 50 people) looking to reach the next level, this course will give you actionable insight to build, grow, and scale your professional services firm - on your own terms.

What you'll learn:

Over the course of a 3 hour seminar (with a short bio-break halfway through), we'll examine, unpack  and discuss the 6 core elements responsible for the growth of a service firm:


  • Intent 

  • Rate 

  • Utilization

  • Leverage 

  • Leadership  

  • Context

- and you'll discover for yourself how you how to improve your understanding and command of these issues in order to create the business (and the life) you're envisioning for yourself.

All participants will be given a downloadable Good Growth Workbook at the end of the course for use in their ongoing growth planning.


What to bring: The course takes place via Zoom, so have a good connection w/ camera and audio


-Bring a a note book, or other note taking device

-Bring a snack (participants in some time zones will run through the lunch hour)

-Bring some issues standing in the way of creating the growth you're looking for

-Bring a spirit of learning, discussion and collaboration

About your course leader:

John Starling is a professional growth strategist, retreat facilitator, public speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach of more than 20 years.  John has owned and operated several professional services firms, and advised hundreds of companies (and countless individuals) over the course of his career.