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BVC is a global leader in valuation, and enterprise value growth, empowering business owners and their management teams to understand and improve their valuation and achieve maximum aquisition value when the time comes to sell.

John Starling is the former Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner, Asia at Business Valuation Center ("BVC"), and maintains a close relationship with the company in order to facilitate his corporate clients valuation needs, as well as capitalization, M&A, and IPO goals.  


The Fallston Group is a global reputation agency, operating at the intersection of leadership, strategy and communications, focusing on three critical areas: strategic marketing & PRcrisis & issue leadership and safety & security.

John has an intimate relationship with The Fallston Group, having been in the same CEO group as the company's CEO, Rob Weinhold, for many years - and having advised the the company at a key inflection point in their growth.

This is the company that John trusts most to help his clients build, and protect their hard-earned reputations.



Clark Leadership develops business leaders to meet the unique challenges that CEOs and their key executives face every day, and those that they never could have expected. 

John is a former Clark Leadership Group member, a long-time mentee of Bill Clark, and a Clark Leadership Partner, through which he leads CEO Master Mind Groups.