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The Life Balance Realization System™

Pietential is a survey-based life balance realization system, based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  It was created by John Starling, and developed by Silvercrayon Labs


It helps you Visualize, and Analyze where you stand regarding the core issues that are central to every human's life: Physiological Needs, Safety Needs, Love and Belonging, Esteem and Contribution, and Self Actualization.

The Pietential survey takes 3-5 minutes, and generates a custom pie chart graphic that Visualizes your relationship to the core issues mentioned above, along with an algorithmically generated Analysis, and set of observations/recommendations towards Realizing your human growth potential.

Maslow saw Human Needs as "Hierarchy"


I see things differently...


I've always been fascinated by the subject of human growth potential, and I'm committed to helping people realize theirs.

Abraham Maslow's work around the human "Hierarchy of Needs" is inspiring, but potentially limiting.  I agree with the basic "needs" that every human has, but i disagree that it should be posited as a "hierarchy".  Presented as such, it makes it seem like our entire lives are built to someday, somehow, obtain a precious little bit of self actualization, predicated on first having satisfied all of the underlying prerequisite factors. 


By that measure, historical characters like Buddha, Ghandi, and even Jesus would've never had a shot at becoming the self actualizing beings that they were, because they didn't have reliable access to food, and housing security ensuring a roof over their heads each night.  That's ridiculous!

I see the basic human needs as more of a rubric, whereby each of the core areas are given equal value and influence each other, and I created Pietential to empower people to Visualize that rubric, Analyze it for themselves, and Realize for themselves a better, more whole, and balanced life.

~John Starling, Pietential Creator

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