• John Patrick Starling

Shout Out Journal: Simon Lague

In 1993 I was studying at The University of Baltimore, and by chance I met Simon Lague, who was checking out my old motorcycle.

Our quick conversation turned into a friendship that's lasted almost 30 years now. He was at Maryland Institute College of Art, and we became college roommates sharing our apartment with another friend, & w/ my 1969 Honda Scrambler I kept parked in the apartment - where we did our first collaboration together.

I'd recently met and made friends with the now famous (and MacArthur Fellow) bluesman Corey Harris. Back then Corey was busking and playing cafes, and Simon and I got the idea to make a poster for him that he could put up wherever his travels took him, as we left the date, time and location blank for him to fill out with a sharpie.

Simon shot the photo and did the layout, and I wrote the copy, and then Corey was on his way to his next stop.

Since then, Simon has built an amazing career, creating identities for countless

companies, including many of my clients over the years.

He's a humble man, despite his incredible gifts, and only puts up a small portion of his vast portfolio at a time - but check him out and reach out if you need top-shelf identity work: