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A Progressive Rate Structure

For Growth-oriented Companies and Individuals

I work with people and organizations that are in a wide range of financial situations,

from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.  And with people who possess  little or no net worth - to ultra high net worth individuals.  Thusly, my rates are based on a progressive rate structure, whereby the client chooses the hourly rate that is right for them personally or their organization.

Large Companies | Ultra High  Net Worth Individuals  | $995

Personal Net Worth of 50MM+| Companies with over 2500 Employees

Middle Market Companies | Very High Net Worth Indoviduals | $695

Personal Net Worth of 10MM-50MM  | Companies  with 250-2499 Employees

Mid-sized Enterprises | High Net Worth Individuals  | $395

Personal Net Worth of 2-10MM | Companies with 50-249 Employees

Small Enterprises | Affluent Net Worth Individuals | $295

Personal Net Worth of $100,000 to 2MM | Companies with 10-49 Employees

Micro Enterprises | Aspirational Net Worth Individuals  | $195

Personal Net Worth of 0-$100,000 | Self-funded start-ups with 0-9 Employees 

("Why do you use a progressive rate structure?")
When I influence the growth of a large organization  the potential downstream effects is  greater (by orders of magnitude).  On the individual side, this pricing structure allows me to work with people from a wide range of financial situations that are coming to me for coaching, advice and growth seminars. 

("How does this work for me or my company?")

Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Services are offered on a month-to-month Retainer-basis according to the table above.

Leadership Cohorts
Leadership Cohorts meet 10X per year (for 3 hour sessions) and members can choose to receive 1:1 coaching/strategy sessions biannually, or to combine those two coaching sessions  for use as a half-day facilitated company retreat.  Cohort Members remit payment on a month to month basis at 2X their selected hourly (according to the Progressive Rate Structure in the table above).   

 Growth Seminars
Growth Seminar participation is priced per attendee according to the Progressive Rate Structure in the table above.  Personal Growth Seminars are typically open to the public and Business Growth Seminars/Corporate Training Programs are offered privately.
Professional Coaching
Professional Life and Executive Coaching are offered on a Package Program (6 or 12 Session Packages) according to the Rate Guide above.


("When are you available to discuss this with me?")
Using the blue "Schedule  Discovery Session" button at the bottom of the page, you can compare your schedule to mine and book a time for us to meet by Zoom to talk through the growth challenges you're facing  and discover whether we're a fit for each other. 

At the scheduling page just fill in your information (and set your time zone) and the system takes care of the rest. You'll receive an email confirmation as well as a calendar notification and  I'll see you at then.  

It's that easy - and it's free.

Transparent Professional Rates (With No Hocus Pocus)

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