Finding certainty...

in uncertain times

Growth for Good Seminars

A Conversation for Growth and Certainty
You're invited to participate 

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

8:3o AM - 11:00 AM EST / 9:30PM - 12:00 AM KST

via Zoom

Your Net Worth                                                                               Your Seminar Fee

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (30M +)                                        $500.00         

Very High Net Worth Individuals (5M-30M)                                    $250.00

High Net Worth Individuals (1M-5M)                                                $125.00

Affluent Individuals $100,000-1M                                                      $62.50

Aspirational Individuals $0-$100,000                                               $31.25

College and Trade School Students                                                 $15.00

*Median U.S. household Net Worth is $97,300)

Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve