Selling to the C-Suite

The 10 Powers of Preferred Providers

(...and how to become theirs)

Some things can be sold

Like... watches, cars, street food, pet rocks…

But, some things can only be bought.


  • Financial Services 

  • Business Services

  • Banking Relationships

  • Management Consulting

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Complex Insurance Products

  • Enterprise Technology Solutions

  • Capital Intensive Manufacturing Projects

  • Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Solutions


And it's a vastly experienced, highly discerning group of buyers whose time you're wasting (along with your own) trying to "sell" them something.  They're not buying it.

The fact is that  you cannot "sell" to the C-Suite. No one can.

But, C-Suite and senior executives, investors, and very high net worth individuals can become comfortable working with you, and  prefer purchasing from you if  you understand and empower yourself (and your team) to operate from the 10 Principles of Preferred Providers.

Selling to the C-Suite

A live, interactive,  online Growth for Good Seminar

Lead by John Starling


The 10 Powers of Preferred Providers

The power of authenticity
The power of not knowing
The power of self knowledge
The power of non-attachment
The power of open communication
The power of the value proposition
The power of progressive value

The power of core belief

The power of integrity

The power of trust