In this enlightening session, John Starling offers insights and access into Zen Leadership through the Zen Buddhist philosophy's rich tradition of ancient parables.


A practicing Buddhist for over 30 years, John has spent more than two decades advising, coaching, consulting and training CEOs, business owners, and their executive teams to better understand and achieve what's important to them: personally, professionally, organizationally, and regarding enterprise value growth. 

The Zen Leadership Philosophy and Practices Seminar

  • Creates opportunities for alignment and breakthrough in your organization by gaining a deeper understanding of your team & team members for who they truly are

  • Empowers the adoption of  a more productive mindset for dealing with confronting situations, and context that are beyond our control

  • Helps leaders understand and shape how we (and the people we lead) can make more powerful choices on how we show up each day ―especially in the face
    of adversity

  • Offers opportunities towards a dramatically higher level of personal, professional and organizational peace, prosperity and enterprise growth



This seminar is delivered in-person or via Zoom, and occurs as a guided group discussion with thought provoking exercises aimed at helping participants breakthrough to new levels of self-awareness and personal growth, in order to be an ongoing center of transformation for themselves, and the people they lead.

Zen Leadership

Philosophy and Practices